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        Company Overview
        Industry Leader
        • 2003
          Established in
        • 600+
        • 10+
        • 5%+
          R&D Investment

        Lanxiang Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as “Lanxiang Environment”) is committed to improving the performance of cooling heat exchange system to realize energy efficiency, environmental protection and smart operation through water saving and plume abatement technology, high-efficient heat transfer and exchange, carbon neutrality, capture and reduction, and smart control and operation & maintenance. We are mainly dedicated to four business directions: Plume abatement equipment manufacturing and engineering for environmental protection and water saving, cooling heat exchange equipment manufacturing and engineering for high effective heat transfer, carbon capture and reduction equipment manufacturing and engineering for carbon neutrality and intelligent control system control engineering, operation and maintenance. 


        Located in Anqiu Economic Development Zone, Weifang, Shandong province, the company covers an area of 230 mu with the building area of 100,000m2. In addition, the company employs more than 600 associates with the sales revenue in 2020 reached 600 million Yuan. We mainly serve for large chemical, power, metallurgy and other industries including CNPC, SINOPEC, CNOOC, CHEMCHINA, Yanchang Petroleum, Hengli Petrochemical, Shenghong Group, Yantai Wanhua, China Huadian Corporation, Formosa Plastics Corporation and Xichang Satellite Launch Center, which are our long-term strategic clients.


        We extremely attach importance to R&D input. In recent years, we have already established industry-university-research cooperation platforms including Research Center for High-efficient Energy Utilization Technology and Equipment, Joint Research Institute for Energy Saving and Water Saving, Industrial Cooling Equipment Test Platform and Innovation and Entrepreneurship Practice Base for College Students through the cooperation with many well-known colleges and universities covering Xi’an Jiaotong University, Shandong University, Tianjin University, Beijing Thermal Power Research Institute, Xi’an Thermal Power Research Institute, Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and Bullking. Besides, we also have established technology innovation platforms including Shandong Provincial Engineering Laboratory, Shandong Enterprise Technology Center, Weifang Engineering Technology Research Center, Weifang Key Laboratory and Weifang Industrial Design Center, providing powerful guarantee for talent introduction and scientific research and development. 


        We also maintain the leading position in China and the world at large in terms of R&D results. We have been awarded with 12 National Patents for Invention, 100 Utility Model Patents, 20 design patents, 3 Computer Software copyrights, 2 group standards and 1 corporate standard. Lanxiang Environment has been many honors but not limited to National “Small Giant” Enterprise with  Expertise and Innovation, Shandong Single Champion Enterprise of Manufacturing Industry, Shandong Gazelle Enterprise, Shandong Invisible Champion Enterprise, Shandong High-end Equipment Manufacture Leading Enterprise, Shandong High-tech Enterprise, Shandong Innovation & Excellence Enterprise, Shandong Top 100 Enterprises of Energy Saving & Environmental Protection Industry and Shandong Innovative Private Enterprise. Among many of its honors and awards, our products have won 2 Awards of Shandong Brand Products, 1 Shandong Golden Bridge Award, 1 Shandong Enterprise Technology Innovation Award, 2 Shandong Excellent achievements Awards of Energy Conservation, 1 Weifang Science and Technology Progress Award 2 Weifang Major Energy Saving Awards and 1 Weifang Patent Award, of which Water Vapor Deep Recovery Energy-saving Technology of Cooling Tower has been shortlisted into National Industrial Energy-saving Technology Recommended Catalogue (2018). 


        Going forward, we stay committed to our main business and carry out the development philosophy of “innovation-focused and steady development” to increase science and technology input and talent training continuously in this respect. We remain dedicated to serving our customers and bringing benefit to the society with cutting-edge products and advanced energy efficient and eco-friendly concepts.

        Business Development
        Environmental Protection & Water Saving
        Plume Abatement Equipment
        Manufacturing And Engineering
        High Effective Heat Transfer
        Cooling Heat Exchange Equipment
        Manufacturing And Engineering
        Operation & Service
        Intelligent Control System Engineering,
        Operation & Maintenance
        Future Prospects
        • To be an innovative enterprise with independent technology.
        • To be an intelligent manufacturer with high quality.
        • To be an excellent enterprise with main board listing.
        • To be a brand enterprise in environment.
        • To be a new cultural enterprise with harmony between individuals and enterprise.
        CEO Message

        Since the establishment of Lanxiang Environment, we are committed to the underlying concept of “Innovation-focused, Steady development” to grasp the opportunity of the times by technology innovation and standardized management and realize the evolution from small to large and from large to strong. An open and innovative enterprise is rising in the tide of development with dramatic change. Each and every step we made has represented the efforts of our employees and the growth we achieved has come from the strong support and great kindness of all sectors of society. I hereby, on behalf of our employees, express our sincere thanks to you all.

        Going forward, we will remain to be dedicated to the mission of “Serving the Environment, Enjoying Nature Together” so as to make greater contribution to explore new concept for scientific innovation and better environment.

        CEO: Xu Qinghua
        Our History
        • New industrial park went into production.
        • Awarded as Shandong Individual Champion Enterprise.
        • Approved as Shandong Engineering Laboratory.
        • Awarded as National Small Giant Enterprise with Expertise and Innovation.
        • Succeeded in being selected for Shandong Major Project.
        • Awarded as Shandong Gazelle Enterprise
        • Planning and constructing an industrial park covering an area of 150 mu.
        • Establishing the Comprehensive Energy Utilization Research Center with Xi’an Jiaotong University.
        • The market share of plume abatement cooling tower ranks NO.1 in China.
        • Succeeded in signing the largest plume abatement cooling tower group in China.
        • Establishing Shandong Enterprise Technology Center.
        • Establishing Enterprise Research Center.
        • Awarded as Shandong Invisible Champion Enterprise.
        • The large scale application of plume abatement cooling tower and obtaining customers’ high praise.
        • Awarded as Shandong Credit Private Enterprise.
        • Closed circuit cooling towers were applied to China’s satellite launch centers.
        • All round cooperation with noble universities.
        • Obtaining several patents.
        • Awarded as high-tech enterprise.
        • Company relocation and production expansion.
        • Established & Entering the industry of cooling and heat exchange equipment.
        Our Honors
        • National Small Giant Enterprise with Expertise and Innovation
          Selected for Directory of National Energy & Water Saving Equipment
        • Shandong Gazelle Enterprise
          Shandong Single Champion Enterprise of of Manufacturing Industry
        • Shandong Technology Innovation Model Enterprise
          Shandong High-end Equipment Manufacture Leading Enterprise
        • Shandong Enterprise Technology Innovation Award
          Shandong Invisible Champion Enterprise
        • Shandong Innovation & Excellence Enterprise
          Shandong Name Brand Enterprise
        • Shandong Enterprise Technology Center
          Shandong High-tech Enterprise
        • Shandong Top 100 Enterprises of Energy Saving & Environmental Protection Industry
          Shandong Innovative Private Enterprise
        • Shandong Credit Private Enterprise
          Weifang High Growth Model Enterprise
        Our Culture
        • vision

          Build Lanxiang Environment as an environmental industry enterprise with the concept of “harmony between individuals and enterprise, and brand excellence”.

        • MISSION

          Serving the Environment
          Enjoying Nature Together

        • VALUE

          Develop the independent technology

          Stick to the commitments

          To be the best brand

          To be a culture-based team

        • IDEA


          Steady development

        Our Strategy
        Solid Foundation
        Structure optimization, Management improvement
        R&D innovation, Sales revenue increasing
        Great Development
        Core technology, Quality brand, Culture great enterprise
        Capital connection, Employee benefits
        Harmony Excellence
        Technology leading, Brand excellence, Industry leader
        Harmony between individuals and enterprise
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