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        Open Circuit Cooling Tower Circulating Water Field Closed Circuit Cooling Tower Air Cooled Heat Exchanger Spare Parts Service
        Operating Principle

        Dividing wall type heat exchange is made in condensate module between saturated warm and moist air inside of tower and dry cold air from atmosphere entering the tower through cold channel, the partial condensate water precipitated from saturated warm and moist air is fully mixed with dry air after heating above the cold condensate module, and the mixed air with reduced moisture will become unsaturated air to realize plume abatement. Condensate water precipitated from saturated air influxes into the water channel of condensate module and then flow into collecting basin under the tower to realize water saving. 

        Product Performance
        Flow rate per cell:300m3/h-6000m3/h Water saving rate: annual average rate of 15%~20% 
        Product Features
        • Good Plume Abatement Effect
          Effectively eliminate outlet air plume of cooling tower to meet “Flume-free” requirements stipulated in T/CECS 517.
        • High Water Saving Rate 
          Composite materials are used for core structure of condensation module to improve heat exchange performance and realize the annual average evaporation water loss of 15%-20%. 
        • Clean And High Efficiency
          Condensate module is arranged within the air chamber above drift eliminator for air-air heat exchange with clean operating environment, without scaling and clog and continuous high efficient fog dispersal.
        • Accurate Air Flow Control 
          Unique air regulator device and air inlet channel are interlocked for operation to flexibly control the air flow percentage of hot and cold air.
        • Uniform Air Distribution
          Independent cold and hot air channel can transport external cold air to inlet of each condensate module evenly to ensure uniform air distribution, balanced pressure and optimal heat exchange effect within condensate module.
        • Condensate Water Recycling
          The recycled condensate water can be used as distilled water after simple treatment, which also can be used for water supply of boiler. 
        • Easy To Maintenance For Module 
          Modular combination and building block assembly are used for condensate module with easy to maintenance and repair. 
        industry application
        • Chemical Industry

        • Metallurgy Industry

        • Power Industry

        • Chemical Fiber Industry

        • Pharmaceutical Chemistry Industry

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