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        Open Circuit Cooling Tower Circulating Water Field Closed Circuit Cooling Tower Air Cooled Heat Exchanger Spare Parts Service
        Operating Principle

        The biggest difference between closed circuit cooling tower and open type cooling tower is whether the cooled medium is in contact with air. The circulating water from closed circuit cooling tower is not directly in contact with air, transferring heat to spray water through dividing wall type heat exchange so as to reduce the temperature of circulating water by evaporation of spray water and sensible heat exchange of air. 

        Product Performance

        Flow rate per cell:50m3/h~600m3/h

        Product Features
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          Lndependent Air Flow Chamber Structure Design
          Joint operation of multiple fans and each fan is equipped with independent air flow chamber with uniform air distribution and no eddy current influence;
          Arrange the number of fans to startup rationally based on outer environment and the variation of users’ heating load to realize energy saving;
          Startup and close of fans are independent with each other and without any interaction.
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          Unique Heat Exchange Technology With Air And Water Flow
          Design PVC secondary heat exchange layer under heat exchanger bundle to conduct secondary cooling for the temperature of spray water to increase temperature difference and heat exchange efficiency;
          Lower spray water temperature can slow down the scaling rate of heat exchange coil, which can reduce 25% of scaling compared with counter-flow cooling tower;
          Concurrent design between air and water can reduce the occurrence of “dry point” at the bottom of heat exchange coil so as to reduce scaling and the risk of corrosion scaling.
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          High Operational Reliability
          Galvanized plate double-sided plastic spraying technology is used for outer protection plate of equipment and high temperature hot galvanized zinc anti-corrosion technology is applied for tower internal structural parts with excellent corrosion resistance;
          Stainless steel protection fence is set at the air inlet to reduce the impact of dust, catkin and insects on the quality of spray water;
          Direct-connected design is made for fan and motor to reduce drive parts and increase the stability of fan operation.
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          Easy To Maintenance And Repair
          Ladder and fence are set for fan platform to conduct daily maintenance of fan system and spraying system;
          Maintenance access and hinge type access door are set within the tower for maintenance and repair without shutdown.

        industry application
        • Chemical Industry

        • Metallurgy Industry

        • Power Industry

        • Nuclear Power Industry

        • Natural Gas Industry

        • Calcium Carbide Industry

        • Photovoltaic Industry

        • Air Separation Oxygen Production Industry

        • Plastic Industry

        • Mechanical Processing Industry

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