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        Open Circuit Cooling Tower Circulating Water Field Closed Circuit Cooling Tower Air Cooled Heat Exchanger Spare Parts Service
        Operating Principle

        Air cooled heat exchanger, taking ambient air as cooling medium, is committed to extending heat transfer area by relying on finned tube to enhance heat transfer outside of tube. Heat load within tube is removed by rising temperature of air after the air enters finned tube bundle so as to realize condensation and cooling of thermal fluid. 

        Product Performance

        Applicable cooling medium temperature:45℃—350 ℃ Design pressure of cooling medium:-0.1—34MPaTake air as cooling medium and water consumption is zero

        Product Features
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          Free And Easily Accessible To Cooling Medium
          Cooling medium is air and heat are removed by temperature rising of air without the consumption of additional cooling water;
          Free access to air without additional auxiliary facilities and with reduced additional investment.

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          Unrestricted Site Selection
          Air cooling is used, and site selection is unrestricted geographically by rivers, lakes and other water sources.
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          Durable In Use And Low Maintenance Cost
          Low air corrosivity without any measures for descaling and long service life of finned tube;
          The maintenance cost of air-cooling system accounts for 20%~30% of maintenance costs of water-cooling system. 
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          Extensive Application
          Appropriate type of tube box structure is selected based on characteristic of medium to meet the requirements of various industries and special working conditions. 

        industry application
        • Petrochemical Industry

        • Coal Chemical Industry

        • Pharmaceutical Chemistry Industry

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