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        Open Circuit Cooling Tower Circulating Water Field Closed Circuit Cooling Tower Air Cooled Heat Exchanger Spare Parts Service
        Operating Principle

        FRP extruded profile is used for all column, diagonal bracing and support beam of frame structure cooling tower. Hot water is splashed through water pipe and attached splash device on the top surface of fill. In the fill area, hot water and air are fully contacted and transfer the heat to air and the fan on top of tower can extract the air out of the tower from bottom to top. 

        Product Performance

        Flow rate per cell:1000m3/h-5000m3/h

        Product Features
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          Light Weight And Low Load
          Tower structure is made by FRP profile, which is a quarter of steel in term of weight. Overall light weight, low load of civil construction and reduced investment cost for civil construction. 
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          High Efficiency And Low Resistance
          Small profile section, small wind resistance with better cooling effect.
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          Corrosion Resistance, Strong Adaptability
          Pultruded FRP profile has resistance to acid, alkali, salt, some organic solvents and other corrosive erosions with incomparable superiority. It also has good water resistance and aging resistance and is suitable for cooling of circulating water in many industries. 
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          Beautiful Appearance 
          FRP panel with rich shape, bright and clean surface and fastness.
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          Short Construction Period 
          Simple civil structure and small footprint with short overall construction period. 
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          Convenient Installation And Transport
          Module design is easy to installation and transport.

        industry application
        • Chemical Industry

        • Metallurgy Industry

        • Power Industry

        • Chemical Fiber Industry

        • Pharmaceutical Chemistry Industry

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